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John Muro

Shoreline is shrinking and the

shuttered cottages are ghosted

by mists drifting upward from

channels of mud-softened

marsh like tawdry shrouds

that appear more pallid smudge

than luminous pearl and the frayed

tassels of common reeds, that

once rustled high in pale blue

air, are now arched in supplication

like martyrs leaning closer to

earth as all the world’s submerged

in a kind of deadfall between

seasons without the gift of sound

or movement, minding the air’s

prolonged undulations and the

deepening stillness of the water,

until the sudden sprawl of a

heron laboring to lift its bright

weight in stony silence and,

once air borne, watching its

avian form shape-shift back

into the abandoned light of

the back-water and I find myself

somewhere between awe

and surrender, asking for that

moment back, yet knowing

it, too, like a life, will be

erased and given up to ether.

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Mike Veve
Mike Veve
Aug 16, 2023

I don't know of a poet working today who does a better job of taking an observation of the natural world and in doing so crafts it into a personal emotional experience and discovery. John Muro's work reminds me that the beauty around me is also intrinsically a part of me, and blurs the line between the personal and worldly. He's an artist of the natural and personal landscape.


Aug 15, 2023

John Muro takes us on a special journey -- escaping the realities of our day while sensing new realities we seldom reflect upon. His words help us feel life more, feel more alive.

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