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Session 1

MAY 23 - JUNE 1

Session 2

JUNE 4 - JUNE 13


All are welcome to apply. We had writers (published and unpublished) from nearly 20 different universities in 2022, which included undergraduates, graduate students, alumni, and university faculty. Fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and drama are all welcome, and we favor an interdisciplinary discussion and interpretation of text.


Applications are rolling. Simply contact Director Reynolds at


In residence at Trinity College Dublin (private rooms and full maid service) at approximately 60-80 euro a day (Trinity can also accommodate spouses or other guests of attendees)

500 dollars per session (including theatre tickets for multiple plays). Most attendees will choose one of the two sessions, but people are more than welcome to apply for both if they like.  The academic fee is payable to the “Sancho Panza Literary Society”, and covers faculty expense, theatre tickets, classroom amenities, and other miscellaneous Trinity costs.

No mandated flights. People are free to book whichever flight arrangements are most convenient.



10:00am to12:30 each day—Trinity College Dublin. The academic schedule is hybrid between open workshop of attendee’s work, and open-forum debate of featured published works, though workshop of member submissions is the overwhelming and primary focus. We will also be scheduling afternoon meetings to accommodate second submissions, and have a cohort reading event outside Trinity’s historic Long Room Library at the close of each session.

Featured Outside of Class Excursions (among others, and all are optional):

Attend a play at the Abbey Theatre (14 euro tickets available)

Attend a play at the Gate Theatre (15 euro tickets available)

Attend a play at the Smock Alley Theatre (15 euro tickets available).

Visit the Book of Kells and the Long Room Library at Trinity

Tour the Dublin Writer’s Museum

Trip to the Irish Sea via a short train ride to the village of Howth (train leaves right from campus and the ticket is 5 euros)

Dublin Shakespeare Festival (on campus)

Day Trip to Galway City, The Burren, and the Cliffs of Moher (there will be a “free day” scheduled to allow attendees to take this tour).

Tour Grafton Street and St. Stephen’s Green (adjacent to campus)



Sample Itinerary (workshop meets on campus at TCD)

*The workshop meets in The Arts Building/Trinity Conference Center Room 5033 in the front square section of campus.  It will convene at 10am each day, and usually continue until around lunch time. That said, the room is ours all day and we can stay longer if we like and as the situation dictates, (we have a couple of planned afternoon sessions already, and can decide amongst ourselves what time we want to reconvene on those days). 


**There will be a reading event in the courtyard outside the Book of Kells and Long Room library featuring members of the cohort towards the end of the session.  Each member will be given the opportunity to read and present a new or revised section of work and field on the spot questions from the audience, which will include your cohort colleagues and a bunch of my degenerate and vagabond friends from around Dublin. This keeps you writing and engaged in your own work, even after the discussion of your workshop submissions has concluded.


***All excursions are optional--if anything sounds just terrible, or if you just have something else in mind, you are free to skip it. The time and the city are yours. By the way…The names of the plays are likely to change as the theatres reschedule and remake their plans this spring.


****A note about workshop—I think the best way to talk about writing is to just talk about writing. Get a group of smart people in a room and have them argue the pieces that come in; no drills or thought exercises or preordained objectives. I’ll “lead” the workshop by asking follow up questions and giving my own perspective on the work, but it really is pure open forum…have at it. 



Day One


Meet at Trinity College Clock Tower at 5pm—Tour the neighborhood (Grafton Street, St. Stephen’s Green, O’Connell Street, and the River Liffey).  Opening night dinner.


Day 2

Workshop begins--10-1230. Discuss submissions by two workshop participants. 

Tour the Book of Kells/Long Room Library. Visit the National Art Gallery

Day 3

Workshop 10-1230. Discuss submissions by two workshop participants.

Attend The Shadow of a Gunman by Sean O’Casey at The Gate Theatre.

Day 4

Workshop—10-1230. Discuss submissions by two workshop participants.

Afternoon Workshop—3pm—Discuss Round 2 submissions by two workshop participants

Evening—Come see me read at the Dublin City Library and Archive (as I said, there’s food and a dude with a guitar too). DEFINITELY not mandatory (I will suppress the pain deep within).

Day 5

Workshop—10-1230. Discuss submissions by two workshop participants

Attend Translations by Brian Friel at the Abbey Theatre

Day 6

Visit the village of Howth and the Irish Sea via a 20 minute train ride from campus. (This is a stunning place with amazing vistas; the real Irish seaside—and for those of you unfortunate enough to have read my book—the setting of Jane’s death). 

Afternoon—Discussion of Seamus Deane’s Reading in the Dark (optional)

Day 7

No workshop. I’m leaving this day open for those of you who want to take the tour west to Galway, the Burren, and The Cliffs of Moher. This trip can be booked through The Dublin tour company’s website (it’s the first option—Cliffs of Moher, Galway, and Burren tour), or in person once you arrive on campus. The tour leaves from upper O’Connell Street in Dublin (10 minute walk from Trinity) at 7am. It’s an all- day jaunt to the wild western countryside of Ireland—Galway (guided tour of Galway City), County Clare, The Burren, the village of Doolin, and the legendary Cliffs of Moher. 

Day 8

Workshop 10-1230. Discuss submissions by two workshop participants.

Afternoon Workshop—3pm—Discuss Round 2 submissions by Chloe Vassot and Jordan Rich

Attend a play at The sSmock Alley Theatre. Title—to be announced. 

Day 9

Workshop—10am—Round 2 Submissions by two workshop participants.


Afternoon Workshop—3pm—Round 2 Submissions by two workshop participants.


Day 10

Class 10-1230. Discuss Round 2 Submissions by two workshop participants

Visit the Dublin Writers Museum

Member Reading 6-800. Book of Kells Courtyard (described at the beginning of this itinerary). 

Farewell Dinner

Previously Featured Readings:

Borstal Boy, Brendan Behan
Reading in the Dark, Seamus Deane

The Sea, John Banville

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