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voice note may third two thousand nineteen

danilo machado

bagless, colder than it was yesterday / and the day before / i feel like it’s not going to be cold

anymore / i mean, not like it was / i mean, at least for a little while / no parking 24 hour driveway

tow away / no parking do not block gate / pharmacy, receipts on the floor / ladders lit by

overhead light almost orange / not orange, really / maybe ochre? / maybe some kind of burnt //////

man, white collar, suitcase sideways down maple / library keeps its light on / slow walking / kiki

at the design store / katie o’s still open / her sign backwards / N-E-P-O / one-way on lincoln past

the van for divine word of truth church of god in christ, inc / not-even-midnight poems, some

sort of diary / some sort of unedit / some sort of resonance

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