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How To Write a Poem Without Using “I”

Mathieson Byer

How To Write a Poem Without Using “I”

1. Remember what the pillows looked like

before, ask why it smells like there, smells

like her, smells like

2. Tea? Smile at a nice girl—ask her

how much ice without any looking

or loving

3. “Does dressing defeat the point of finishing

this salad?

4. Does dressing defeat the point of an unmade bed?

5. An invitation with nothing but a return address

6. Unmade bed;

the kind of angry that’s pretty

when it’s pressed against a glove box,

the kind of pretty that’s angry

when it’s dressed in yes

7. yesterday was for prayer and fucking

and fruit at the grocery store that came

right from this list

8. that time you wanted.

9. when want and guilt became the colors

you blended together

so they wouldn’t see the messy lines

10. when want and guilt became sky

11. Expiration date;

hands full of spoil shaking,

neck red with clay and bumps and things

that didn’t come from want

12. a poem without.

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